Community Center
Join us for the annual Avila Apple Festival on September 17 (Farm-to-Table dinner at the Avila Valley Barn) and the Festival on the Avila Promenade on Sunday, September 18, from noon to 4 pm. Tickets are still available from the Barn at 805-595-2816 and more details at www.avilaapplefestival.com. Hope that you can come to Avila Beach for a great weekend!

Our Mission:
To provide the community with cultural, educational, historical, recreational, and social activities while sustaining the Avila Beach Community Center and Garden.

The Avila Beach Community Center is owned and operated by the Avila Beach Civic Association. The Avila Beach Civic Association is a non-profit community-based organization and has been serving the community of Avila Beach since 1958. We are committed to connecting the communities of and around Avila Beach and continue to offer and develop programs, events and activities for all ages that promote personal growth and development and social interaction in a fun positive atmosphere.  Check our Schedule of Events for upcoming activities!


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The Avila Beach Community Center has something to offer for all Occasions